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"Far from the madding crowd" lies a small oasis of peace comprising four self catering bungalows, a Villa with studio for two, and 2 apartments, all set in beautiful grounds with a swimming pool (5.5m x 10.5m) and gardens. Bungalows, each with its own garden, have two small twin bedded rooms, lounge and dining area, kitchen corner with fridge and two ring gas cooker and shower/toilet. Table tennis is available in the garden and grill. Each unit has a SAT TV and air conditioning and ample parking space available. The house (Villa 4 Walls)-4 Murri , can accomodate 6-8 persons , and has 5 bathrooms, AC , big kitchen and 2 small kitchen, big veranda, outside is a big grill aerea.

The complex is situated in the village of Rovinjsko Selo, six km from Rovinj and the sea, which has a large supermarket, two pizzeria restaurants and bar.

Our aim is to provide peace and relaxation in beautiful setting. We welcome you on any day of the week for any length of stay over 3 nights.


Well maintained house in plant Country Club with pool just 6 km from Rovinj (Rovinjsko Selo) The house has 1 big apartment,+1 smaller apartment and studio. 3 kitchens with stove, air-conditioning, satellite TV, balcony, 5 shower / WC, 4 bedrooms with beds, living room, veranda .Parking free, WiFi free. Supermarket 100 m from the complex , House also has central heating and can be rented in season.

Quiet village, supermarket only 100 meters from us, where you can buy fresh bread, sausage etc . In the low season very suitable for seniors, where the prices could be reduced in accordance with the owner.

BUY Villa 4 Murri

Sale of the house is avaliable in the future.

Bungalows & Villa 4 Murri

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Estate of Country Club
Bungalows with pool
Swimming Pool / Relax
Swimming Area
Entrance to the Bungalows
Frenchbed / 140cm
Dinning / Living
Bungalow's garden


Villa 4 Murri
Villa + Grill
Villa Back Entrance
Main Entrance to the Villa
Grill Area
Veranda in the Villa
Entrance to the Kitchen
Dinning Area
Dinning + Sat TV
Exit to the garden
Shower / WC
Living room / open fire
Bedroom / Double beds full size
Bedroom & Bath
Ensuite bedroom
Bedroom / Frenchbed / 160cm
Terrace to apartment
Living / kitchenette
Shower / WC
Ensuite bedroom
Frenchbed / 140cm
Kitchen with owen
Shower / WC
Parking for the estate

3D View to Villa & Bungalows

Villa 4 Murri

Bungalows with swimming pool

Studio Apartment in Villa 4 Murri

Veranda in the Villa



  • April / price: 55€ /a day

  • May / price: 55€ /a day

  • June / price: 65€ /a day

  • July / price: 75€ /a day

  • August / price: 85€ /a day

  • September / price: 70€ /a day

  • October / price: 55€ /a day

  • Deposit / price: 100€

  • Minimum stay: 3 days


  • April / price: 700€ /a week

  • May / price: 850€ /a week

  • June / price: 980€ /a week

  • July / price: 1120€ /a week

  • August / price: 1300€ /a week

  • September / price: 980€ /a week

  • October / price: 850€ /a week

  • Deposit / price: 200€

  • Minimum stay: 7 days (a week)

Special Offer

  • Special offer could be given depending of the season, avaliability and duration according with the owner.

  • Especially in May, June and September!


Istria Countryside


by admin | May 21, 2015

Istrian wine is nowadays another unique symbol that truly defines the Istrian identity. There are various types of wines that reflect the diversity of climate and soil on which they are grown. Nevertheless, the most famous sort of Croatian wine is the Istrian Malvasia. Apart from Malvasia, in the area Northern Istria you can enjoy the great tastes of Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, a wine tour is also an adventure through the landscapes and pricturesque hills of Istria that you shouldn't miss out on

Walking & Cycling

by admin | May 21, 2015

Rovinj area and its surroundings provide 3 trails of 30 km and two longer, about 60 km for a little more demanding cyclists, cycling routes which are marked on the cycling map of Istria. Rovinj and the surrounding countryside and the biking trails crossing provided at approximately 30 km and pass the most beautiful beaches, park forest Zlatni Rt and a protected ornithological reservation Palud. Biking trails through natural forests along the coast or wine trails will provide indescribable pleasure that professional cyclists or bikers muont, and recreation.

The Lim valley

by admin | May 21, 2015

The Lim valley (Limska draga or Limska dolina) is the 35 km long valley of the river Pazincica, which transforms into the Lim bay (Limski zaljev), a 10 kilometer long estuary. The Croats sometimes also call it Limski kanal ("Lim Channel"), due to its narrow width. The estuary is sometimes called a fjord, although it is not in fact a fjord but a ria, because it was not carved by a glacier but by the river eroding the ground on its way to the Adriatic Sea, when the sea level was lower.


Beautiful Gardens

by admin | May 21, 2015

Beautiful gardens on the estate of Country Club with native and english plants.

Seaside at city ROVINJ

by admin | May 21, 2015

The Rovinj Archipelago is formed by twenty islands, St. Andrija and St. Katarina are the largest and include tourist facilities. The natural sights including the Rovinj islands and coastline with forests has been described as "outstanding scenic wonders". This area of "outstanding natural beauty" extends from St. Ivan promontory to Barbariga.The island of St. Andrija, also known as the Red island and St. Katarina island are accessible by local ferries that leave from the dock in front of the central square M. Tito. The two islands besides tourist facilities have many attractions like Hutterott's castle (once was a monastery), the Baron Hutterott's mausoleum on the neighboring Island of Maskin, connected with the Island of St. Andrija by a path or the prehistoric building on St. Katarina island that is the first inhabited place in the Rovinj region.

Boat excursions

by admin | May 21, 2015

Rovinj is very attracitive to visit the arhipelago (13 islands) of Rovinj. You can book boat excursions in our reception: Panorama by day or Panorama by night with sunset and good possibilities to see dolphins, Fish piknik, Brioni islands, Venezia.



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